Anonymous How Can Anyone Ignore This?! Chem -Trails (HARRP) New July 9

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Anonymous How Can Anyone Ignore This?! Chem -Trails (HARRP) New July 9

There’s a crazy connection between Chem/Trails and (HARRP) That Most don’t even no  exist or seem to care about when i ask people about chem trails most say umm well that’s kind of crazy why would they do it to every body even there own kind?

And if you ask any one about HARRP they look at you funny and really have no idea and the ones that think they do say it’s for research and science.

Wow what a world of dumbed up people i just hope people open there eye’s soon…

What do the Harrp and Chem Trails have to do with each other??? Not A Big Deal Right?

They don’t seem to be slowing down the system just ramping it up to the extreme.

As 95% of the population has no idea what’s going on!Mean while this elitist group destroys the plant and the people on it.

Slowly but surely just like they want, and not much anyone can do about except?!!

Be aware of it and use your God giving voice and tell people about it. The more that know the more people will believe the truth!!!

It’s Better To Know Then Not Know…

Thx for watching guys please drop a comment about how you feel or if you even believe this at all? And SHare If YOU DO.. thx 🙂

Thanks again for coming by i hope and pray you just might have  different look and thoughts about what’s really going on.. Then when shits hits the fan you and your family are a but more prepared for what’s coming it’s not if just when.

Anonymous How Can Anyone Ignore This?! Chem -Trails (HARRP) New July 9

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